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Brothers Rains

Anthony and Mack. Wong and Grot. Whatever you want to refer to the Brothers Rains as let it be known that they are truly the epitome of my friends. I met the brothers back in my days of Caryville Boy Scout Troop 620 and it has been a wild ride ever since. We went all through middle and high school together and Grot even briefly went to ETSU with me. The Brothers eventually chose the more structured life of the US Armed Forces. Grot was a ballistic missile technician on a submarine and Wong is still in the Air Force where he specializes in EOD (he blows shit up).
I have had several great adventures with the Brothers including the various quests for the Holy Grill. I have to say that along with Eric, Derrick, and Travis that we shaped several lives back in our high school and early college days. Though it is only on special occasions when I get to see the Brothers now when we do meet hijinks always ensue.








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