ETSU Ahhhhhhhh the pizza, the women, scaring the Resident Assistants,....... Heck, going through more Janitors, than a UT home game. Yes, we had a legion of Janitors at one time. The poor souls couldn't stomach the corn (long story), the Fajita bread on top of the walk way, the flaming tennis shoes going out the windows, the kitchen knives sailing out the windows, and the furniture going out the windows. Ahhh the memories. Did you know you can fit 50 pizza boxes in overhead cabinets? For true life stories Check out the ETSU Memoirs. Yes, sadly they are true, but on to other things. ETSU is situated in Johnson, City Tennessee is a beautiful and lively campus. I had many long and fun filled nights there. Some of which are recounted in the Memoirs. Some photos can be found in my alblum.