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Sean Morton is the second member of my longest standing friends trifecta.  Sean is a large man with a definite Hawaiian flavor about him.  Sean and I attended West LaFollette Elementary School together and later Campbell County High School and the University of Tennessee .
Sean lived at a place known as the Compound during the latter part of his time at UT.  The Compound was literally a former whorehouse near UTís campus.  It had carpeted walls, fully mirrored bathrooms and a fence with razor wire on the top of it.  Some of the best parties thrown at UT at the time were hosted by Sean and the other Compound residents.  There were nights that we literally ran through ten or more kegs of beer.  After graduation Sean managed a liquor store, his father referred to Sean as a party planner during this job.
A couple of years ago Sean moved to Orlando , Florida to attend Central Florida University .  He got a masters degree in some manner of engineering.  He got this degree with hopes to work on NASCAR engines.  As it turns out he got a job working on the space shuttles.  Yes a friend of Pat is now a rocket scientist.  Scary, ainít it.  





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