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The Weave
I canít believe I have had Patís Place up for as long as I have without a section devoted to the Weave.  Eric Weaver is my longest standing friend.  He and I have had our fates twisted since I was 4 and he was 5.  The Weave may have been a huge catalyst that made me what I am today.  He was the man who introduced me to the joys of alcohol and various other illicit substances.
The Weave is now living his life long dream by being a corrupt bureaucrat for the city of Knoxville .  He still can be seen frequently at some of Knoxville ís finest downtown establishments and on Norris Lake in the summer.
Eric was at UT during my tenure at ETSU and had graduated by the time I transferred there so I guess most of my Eric stories that I will tell you will be mostly high school and post college.
Enjoy gentle readers.  





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