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Ah, Itís time to really meet another of my cast of characters.  Itís time for everybody to meet Derrick Johnson.  Derrick is a long standing friend that has played at least a small part in a majority of my adventures.  Derrick is a large scary man who strikes fear in the hearts of many, except of course Joe (but thatís a story for another time)

Derrick and I go back to our days at Jacksboro Middle School .  My most memorable middle school memory of him is his ďcage matchĒ with Bo Vinsant.  Yes I was obsessed with wrestling even back then.  Our version of a cage match involved being the first to beat their opponent to the top of the bleachers and make it down the other side.  Well Bo wanted no part of Derrick so he took off up the bleachers and threw himself head first over to the ground.  He decided to take his chances with the fall rather than face Derrick.
Derrick is also the man in charge of lake entertainment for us.  He is the owner of the boat and is the man who lost all of his deposit during our houseboat adventure.
He went through three Ford Thunderbirds during high school and college, two Ford F-150s (including one he sank in a pond within a week of buying it), he is now on his second Mustang Cobra.  At one point he even totaled a rental car.
Derrick In Key West.




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