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Ah how to begin about Stevie? Stevie, sometimes known as Dancin' Stevie, is a good friend that has many roles in the life of Pat. He is usually the one that drives me places because I truly hate to drive. He is the man who serves as my handler when I choice to have a few drinks. He also happens to be the man with access to the nebulizer, a device that respiratory patients use to take their breathing medicine, I personally use it to breathe Tequila.
Stevie came in to my life through Big Kev. Kev handled all of my handling at one point but decided to get married and move to Kentucky. He was working with Stevie at the time and hand selected him to train as my new handler.
Except for his refusal to shave me, Stevie has done an admirable job handling me. He also happens to be the lust object of high school girls everywhere.  That may be the greatest power a man can have and I envy him for it.


This is Stevie's Take on how we first met:

What’s to say?   Well….I’m Stephen and I have the fortune (or misfortune depending on who you ask) of knowing Pat.  Some love him…some hate him…ALL know of him.  I cannot remember when I met him.  I guess like some traumatic things, I just blocked it all out.  I do recall going to see the local basketball team play and sensing this ominous presence nearby.  I guess that counts as a first impression.  I do have the dubious “honor” of being the current “Pat-Handler”.  Kevin held the title before me but due to distance issues (Pat drove him from the state) the torch was passed to me.  I’ve also been known as Pat-Valium due to the calming effect I can (sometimes) have on the big guy.  What?  YOU think it’s so easy!?  YOU get a raging bull to quietly walk out of the china shop!!!  Where was I?  Oh yeah…So many people owe me there lives and don’t know it.  They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….pissing Pat off is worse.  I’m also the one you go through to get a message to Pat if you’re on his “maim on site” list.  So if you see the infamous Pat in person…. I’m the tall blonde guy nearby keeping him in check as best as anyone can.     More actually about ME later….                    





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