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1. In the beginning
2. Our Garbage Can
3. Black Chilli of Death
4. Patrick's Bed
5. Mike Howard
6. The Corn
7. The Incident
8. Target Practice
9. Flying Carpet
10. Oh, God what have...
11. www or wonderful...
12. 8th Wonder of thw World
13. Body Shaving for fun...
14. White's Grocery
15. Chad's Party

16. Battle Toad's
17. 1,000 pounds on Joe
18. Master Howe
19. Joyce
20. Circle what??!
21. Martial Art's Mayhem
22. Joe Weebles and wobb...
23. Surf's Up!
24. The Crow
25. Pat's Plates
26. Tim Branham
27. Popeye
28. Faster than a speeding
29. Bowling for Dildo's
30. Jimmy from Jellico
31. Halley's Comic
32. TTOS
33. Here's Your hat Allen
34. Party/Rosemary
35. Pat & Joe Play Putt Putt


In The Beginning ......

The ETSU memoirs started off in the fall of 1991. I started that fall as a business major (yes business I don't know what I was thinking). Joe was my roommate (a Fellow Campbell Countian). Joe is a hyperactive insomniac. We lived on the third floor of Taylor Hall (site of the current library, yeah Taylor didn't make it out alive after us). Taylor was the oldest dorm on the campus, and second oldest building. It's hard to put the events in proper order since there were so many, but they will be told as I remember them. I think the statute of limitations should be up by now too. One of my earliest memories was of Joe's hair spray, back when we started rooming together he used a spray can. Remember this was early 90's coming out of the 80's so guys used hair spray. This was of course perfect for spraying the wall and setting it on fire with many different designs (pentagrams, etc..). The RA had an odd look on his face after seeing the burnt pentagram design in the paint on the wall. It was also good for spraying on the hand and setting it on fire for a good fire ball effect as well(note do not try this at home, it burns away much body hair). I would at times spray a design and set it afire, or spray my foot, or hand and do the awesome, but painful fire ball effect (mirrors have a tendency to melt at the right temperature). And hey, we didn't have sprinklers to worry about setting off. This leads me up to how we broke out our first window at ETSU. One day Joe's shoe accidentally got set on fire, no no he wasn't in it at the time, though he was a bit upset about it. Well, thinking we didn't want any of our stuff burning up, and it would really suck to burn down the dorm the first week, Joe grabbed the flaming shoe, ran into the stairwell and kicked out the window. He then hurled the shoe into the next parking lot over, where it burnt itself out. After much "Patrick you set my shoes on fire" Me and Joe had a good laugh, and then had much food...... food is an ongoing theme in the ETSU Memoirs. Ather a little thought it came to us, we could have used the sink to put out the shoe. Hmmm this could have affected our garbage can.........







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