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The Flying Carpet

Well, here we go again. I know these stories aren't in exact order, but my mind is so messed up after 10 years of college, it's hard to keep things straight. The flying Carpet, no, no it doesn't involve any drugs. All you readers have gotten a feel of day to day conditions at our dorm. Yeah, we can't tell you all the really bad and incriminating stories on here for censorship reasons. Ok, back to the story. I have to tell two stories here. I need to tell one before I tell the flying carpet. This story is about David Berens, a fellow Campbell Countian. Well Dave and Al were in Mine and Joe's room almost every night. They were there to play Rook, and AD&D. Me and Dave were down in his room and we were talking about his carpet in his room. Dave then commented, "You know Patrick, Carpet would make your room look a lot better." I said, "But Dave we have Carpet in our room." Dave had a shocked look on his face, we then went down to my room to show him. Well, we tried to show him. It seemed, the only visible spot of carpet was under a TV tray. All the rest was covered with Stein.

Now back to the Flying Carpet. Well, it was coming down to the end of our first year, (don't worry, we have plenty more stories about the first year still to come) we were moving our stuff out of the dorm for the summer. I finally managed to get the lid back on the chili, even though it gave me this mean look when I did it. We had packed up everything and were getting ready to take out the trash (Note, 50 Pizza boxes will fit into the overhead storage area, in a Dorm room) Well, me and Joe had this (I hesitate to call it brilliant, since most people probably wouldn't) Let's say me and Joe had an Idea. We had a pile of garbage from my bed, overhead storage area, and from various corners of the room. The pile was oh, I think 4 foot at it's center, but only about 4 foot by 5 foot in diameter. Me and Joe decided hey, let's roll it up in the carpet, and it will make it easier to take out. Besides, no one was interested in keeping the carpet after what it had been through. Well we rolled it up, but that took a lot of effort. I was tired after our cleaning efforts, and Joe was in a hurry, so we decided to expedite getting rid of our trash by throwing the carpet out the window. (Note we were on the top floor). Well we had good intentions, we were going to drop the carpet out the window, and then take it to the dumpster. Well, we shoved the carpet out the hall way window, and halfway down, the carpet came undone. WOW, who would have believed how big of a mess, 50 pizza boxes, and God Knows how much garbage, could have made. Well, we decided then it was in our best interest to go home, the RA had given us the go ahead. So we left as soon as possible.

Don't worry, there is more great fun to come.








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