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Target Practice

Ahhh this story doesn't actually relate to food, but with food utensils. One day while in Al's Room, (fellow Campbell Countian who is hyperactive like Joe) Joe, Al, and Dave saw a TV show with a Jamaican man throwing a machete into a tree. Well this was the coolest thing to Al, and Joe. They thought, "Hey we can do that to". Fortunately they didn't have a machete, but they did have steak knives. They got some knives together and thought, where can we throw these at???? The hallway was almost all concrete so that was no good. They finally settled on the area between the two windows in Al's room. Now let me describe this to you so you can get a better idea. The room was a twenty foot rectangle. If you were standing in the door there were two windows straight ahead, between these two windows was a narrow board about 12 inches across. Joe and Al thought that would be perfect, not thinking what would happen to the windows if they missed. The two started practicing about 10 feet from the windows. Inevitably within the first 15 minutes a knife sailed through the window on the left. "Oops", was the group response. Not an hour later the window on the right took a hit. "Hmmm" they decided to raise the windows. Over the next few days the two were getting pretty good. The middle board was looking pretty rough from where they were sticking the knives. Occasionally though one would go astray and sail though the screen to the pavement below. Even though students passed by, Joe and Al never actually hit a student.......?? Well we think they never hit a student, that can't be confirmed at this time. At the end of the semester the windows and screen looked pretty rough, not to mention the middle partition. Al put bumper stickers all over the windows to cover the holes, and sadly the Resident Assistant who is supposed to inspect the rooms was none the wiser. So, besides flaming tennis shoes from Taylor, we also had flying garbage, and knives.
Next time I have to tell you about the Flying Carpet......








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