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THE Incident

Well, how do I go about explaining this one. Joe and I as you know stayed up most of the night about every night. This incident took place one of those nights. Most people who know me have either two opinions about me. One is hilarious and the other is a bit perverted............ okay a lot perverted. ALL Right! I'm a social Deviant with a class all my on. Now on to the story. One night Joe and I had settled down to sleep in our respective beds. I had the bed on the ground built into the wall, and Joe's bed was a good ten foot away about five and a half foot high. Well as we settled down to sleep Joe heard a noise as did I. The noise was hard to describe, but well it sounded like someone was Masturbating. Joe was shocked and horrified, he was thinking "My gosh Patrick your gonna kill your self. The noise did sound like someone was really exerting themselves. I on the other hand was thinking "Gosh Joe, you could have waited till I went to sleep. The noise went on for a few more seconds before Joe said in a stern voice, "Patrick Are you Beating OFF!" I replied, "No I thought you were." We both turned on our lights above our beds at the same time really confused about the noise. Joe gets up and tracks down the noise to the fast dripping sink. Joe was really relieved that the sink was the cause. Thinking before I was going to give myself a heart attack from the hard (no pun intended) exertion of "Beating Off."








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