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The Corn Story

Ahhh, how me and Joe made an impression my first semester there at ETSU. Taylor Dorm had been there for nearly a hundred years, and the Janitor Wes had been there twelve. Poor dear Wess, he loved Taylor Dorm. Wes was in his thirties, but was sure he would retire when he was 65 as Taylor's Janitor. After a few incidents, such as our garbage can, me peeing in the sink in the men's room, and a few more poor Wes was getting irritated. Well the last nail in the coffin came one weekend when me and Joe were going home. Joe had some corn in a Tupper-ware dish. It was, oh about 2 months old just hanging out in the fridge. Well we decide it's time to throw it away. Joe goes to the stair well, calmly takes off the lid of the corn, and let's the container drop down four flights of stairs straight to the bottom. It was a perfect shot , something hard to do on the winding stairways without hitting the railing on the way down. We went down to have a look, and was satisfied with the maximum blast of the container. We went home for the weekend that Friday and came back that Sunday before Wes had a chance to make it in for the start of the week. The corn was still there untouched and smelling WAYYYYYY to ripe. I would rather be sprayed point blank with a skunk, than smell the corn at that point. Well next day Wes comes in to clean the dorm, and within an hour he had left the dorm refusing to clean it again. The housing department finally relocates him to Brooks Gym, and gives us not one but 5-7 janitors, which we labeled the JSA. For those not to bright with initials JSA stands for Janitors Society of Americ........ never mind. Until Next Time.








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