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The Bed

Well now, here I come to another little ongoing theme about me. My bed. Yes, besides sleeping much, except when my insomniac hyperactive roommate Joe would drag me out for 3 a.m. walks, It was also like a room decoration, no no, no fancy sheets but it did stand out...... literally in fact. Over a few short weeks when I would be to lazy to take garbage and throw it out the window, I would just stuff it under my bed....... well I was getting pretty lazy regularly. My bed was soon about a foot off it's base supported by garbage. I thought well if a landfill can do it why can't I? This disturbed Joe. He kept telling me, "THAT'S DISGUSTING!!!!" Yes, I agreed, but you know. He kept warning me I was going to catch something......... hmmmmmm I thought if I did happen to catch something surely a bath in Clorox would get rid of it. Well sure enough what do you know. I had funk on my feet before, but it developed into well..... mutated super funk. Go figure Joe was right. But it was so cool in the way it repelled Joe (one attempt to touch Joe with my feet, and he would be on the other side of campus). It wasn't really that repulsive........ I kinda dug it. Besides it was useful in fending off Joe when he dove at me from the top of his bed with his vicious biting attack.








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