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Pat & Joe Play Putt Putt

Well, I, Joe, Al, Dave Berens, Steve McKenzie and Mike Howard started to go play putt Putt a few times. Most people have fun and are laid back when they go play putt putt, but not Joe. It was quite an experience when we went to play. The first time we went was pretty much uneventful, but the next time Joe got a little wound up. There was a group of slow moving people in front of us, and they refused Joe's nice attempt to see if we could play through. Well, Joe sets up his ball, and yells four. For those of you not familiar with golf. Four is yelled out to warn other golfers that a golf ball has been launched. Well Joe sails a golf ball as hard as he can straight through the crowd in front of us. Needless to say they let us play through after this.

Probably the next time we played Joe wasn't doing so well. Well, he was beating the metal border that houses the green with his golf club. He in one irate out break, breaks the club. He walks up to the counter and tosses the broken club on the counter and walks off with another one. Amazingly the people didn't say a word to him. We go to one hole and it's about his sixth shot on the hole, and he just launches the ball probably 200 yards to the parking lot of an industrial building. He gets a look on his face of like this is fun. So he goes up the counter and grabs a pail of balls and we each take a turn to see who can hit the ball the farthest. After this round Steve Mckenzie states, I'm never going to play with Joe again. I'm just glad this place didn't have wind mills to contend with. That would not have been a pretty site. I think the last straw for playing at this course came when we were almost finished up, and Joe was having much trouble on the 18th hole. Well he hits the ball as hard as he can into the lobby area where there is a birthday party for a seven year old. I remember this very well since the ball struck the large sheet cake with the big seven number on it. The mother did not take this well. The putt putt people not only asked us to leave, but to never come back...... to any putt putt place.

The next memorable miniature golf moment I have with Joe is when the Johnson City mall got an indoor course. It was a putt putt knock off, and since we had been banned from the actual putt putt, we thought this would be fun. It had a tall two story ceiling and had a mountain type scenario. We were being good. We hadn't broken anything half way through the round. I chip one and it pops up a good 20 feet. Joe gets that look on his face. The I'm insane, and you should never let me get bored look. Well, we started trying to chip the ball into the ceiling. By no means was this an easy task. We actually got a few to stick and went to get new balls a few times. On one attempt the guy their had called for a manager who asked us to leave. He didn't just ask us to leave, he sort of begged us to and threw in some tokens to the arcade in the mall if we leave without making a further scene. Heck the novelty had worn off so we went and threw away some money at the arcade.








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