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Hmmmm this one is a little.... OK it borders on the deviant, even by my standards. Me being the fun loving guy I am I liked to aggravate Joe. One day while Joe was up in his top bunk I was walking around with a Mrs. Buttersworth bottle partially lodged up my ass. Yes this seemed like a good idea at the time, and hey it was college it wasn't like I was in my right mind. Joe kept berating me for doing that and throwing things at me telling me to "STOP". After a few minutes of this I threatened to climb Joe's bunk and touch him with the Mrs. Buttersworth bottle. Joe thought he was safe since I was terrified of heights. After a few minutes I took the challenge. I was going to climb up the book shelves going up to Joe's bed. I got started and had the Mrs. Buttersworth bottle in my hand. I needed both hands to climb and without thinking I put the Mrs. Buttersworth bottle in my mouth which now had a slightly browned lid. Joe stared in disbelief, and then I realized what I HAD DONE. I had a very shocked look on my face according to Joe. Joe just started hysterically laughing. I had a look of "OOOOOOOOOO Gosh, this is disgusting even for me". I ran over to the sink in our room and started washing my mouth out of the.... tangy taste??? I stopped and had an epiphany. That's when I leared that shit tasted tangy. Thus, the initials TTOS for Tangy taste of shit. I think I put dish washing liquid in my mouth at that point to get the taste out. Joe must have laughed for 30 straight minutes. He had tears rolling down his cheek. Well, of course after this I had to call Derrick. He wasn't there so I left a message. "Hey Derrick I know what shit tastes like. It's tangy." Derrick was less than thrilled by this, and I'm pretty sure he beat me when I got home that weekend. I then ran next door and got Al. I drug him over and did a re-enactment much to Al's chagrin. I didn't put the lid in my mouth this time though. Joe was in fetal position still laughing when Al came over.
The fun never stops..... well, maybe fun is a strong word to use here.









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