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Halley's Comics

Well, This was a place where Joe and I spent alot of time, and oh, yes alot of money. The guy was pretty young for a buisness owner. When we first came in we called him Halley. He was in his 30's and had an interesting dog; a Weimaraner named Halley. So two reasons for the name a pun on Halley's comet for the lesser intelligent readers (fumbelina, etc), and his dog was named Halley. Weimaraner's were very rare back then and I had never seen one before. Don was the guys name, and he even had a picture of Halley with a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 in it's mouth. For those who don't know anything about comics, that is a $30,000 comic now. Well, back to the story we probably bought $300 worth of merchandise a month, and on a college budget this was quite a bit. We visited every week. It was a quick walk from campus close to Poor Richard's and across the road from McDonalds. Mack would come and buy full cases of cards just in hopes of pulling the special inserts. I think this guy would have done our homework for us we were such good customers. Well, one day we were completely taken by surprise when he asked us to look after the store while he stepped out. We could have wiped him out, but we have loyalty to people we like, and we liked him so we didn't take advantage of him. Heck he even let us run off the really weird people, and said he would let us torture any shop lifters we caught. Well, while he was gone Joe and I took care of business. Joe actually worked in a grocery store and had experience with this sort of thing. I grunted at the customers any time they had a question. Well, it's what I do grunt. I only managed to break one collectible, and knock over one box of comics. All in all a success. Not to long after that a guy who worked for Halley's opened up a shop named Atomic Comics. We asked Halley if he wanted us to go torch the guys place for him, but he was a nice guy. So, no pillaging or burning, that comes later.... long story for another time. Well, hopefully the wait will be much shorter between the next story.







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