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Jimmy From Jellico

Jimmy was an art major from Jellico who attended E.T.S.U. Let me explain Jellico to those who are not familar with Campbell County. LaFollette, Jacksboro, and Caryville are seperated by a mountain from Jellico. Their are some fine folks from that side of the mountain, but also, how shall I say it? Rednecks comes to mind for some. Well let me continue. Jimmy was about 6'4, and 350 or so with red hair. He had some classes with Al, and lived in Taylor dorm. Well, Jimmy would come and hang out at times, and each time it was "what is he going to say this time". One memorable comment, which with disturb any Star Wars Fan, was about a Star Destroyer model we had. He was looking at it and said, "Who drives this thing? Dark Vader?" Obviously they must not have television in Jellico, or movies. Even Non-Star Wars fans, (Yes, Virginia they do exist) knows it is Darth Vader, and a sizeable crew pilots, not drives a Star Destroyer.

This was OK, because Jimmy had a sizeable porn collection that I greatly benefited from. Yes, it was where I got such fine titles as "Lesbian Enema Lovers", and other fine ............. reading material. Not only that he took me, Joe, and Al to the Kiss concert in Bristol. That's where I pissed on a few people and nearly lost my hearing. It was a fine evening had by all, especially when the girls would flash the band. Heck at the end of the semester Jimmy gave me a whole foot locker full of Porn. It was good times.







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