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Enter the Black Chili of death...................
Ahhhh how shall I describe the chili Disgusting could be a word. The second week me and Joe were rooming together I brought up the chili that my mom cooked (my mother was trying to poison me). I didn't' really trust it to eat, and Joe though he will eat a lot, he wouldn't touch the chili. The chili was in a green Tupperware container, and I set it aside........... Months later I found this green Tupperware container, GESSSSHHH it reeked, I just covered it back up and put it in the shelf......... Months later I found this green Tupperware container....... and yet again it smelled no better, but was developing these cool blue and green colors, so well since it was looking rather unique I put it on top of the TV to display. Joe was taking chemistry at this time and brought some pretty cool chemicals back to the room (and melted anything he could), he made some unique reactions with the chili, and thus the chili started to grow. One day I came back and the chili had popped it's top and was spilled out onto the TV. Not only did it spill out onto the TV it melted into the TV. Yes at the end of the semester we had to throw the TV away since the chili melted itself all the way to the picture tube. And one day while Al was attacking Joe (jumping up and down on his back) Joe rolled and started grappling with Al, Joe seeking out anything to grab, happened to grab the lid of the chili and rubbed it on Al's back, and Al immediately retreated totally disgusted by being touched by the chili. A few weeks later Al developed a weird fungus on his back that had to be treated by a doctor. The chili continued to change and mutate as if alive. Only God knows what the Chili was now. Over the years the chili has had a few things added to it and is still in existence and a substantial reward will be given to anyone who takes a bite of the chili. The chili is now 10 years old. And yet again food is a predominant story line.........








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