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Bowling For Dildo's

Well, now how shall I go about explaining this? Well it all happened when one of my friends worked at a plastic molding company. He made a Dildo for one of his friends girlfriend. This would be very offensive for him to give it to his friend as meaning he is not man enough for her so I took it. Yes, the logic is mind boggling. Well I take it back to school with me and show Joe. Joe is quite taken aback that I now have a Dildo. He beats me until I put it away. Well, one day me , Joe and Tim Branham go bowling. While there I pull out the Dildo to show Tim, and pretty much anybody else who was looking our way. I even tried to put it in the holes on the bowling balls but it was too big. Joe kept yelling for me to put it up. Finally I did. We go to leave, and Joe tells me I have to ride in the back. He drives a CRX that has no back seat. Just a flat spot and a hatch. Well, on the back road of ETSU, it has like twenty speed bumps. I'm talking about speed bumps from hell. The ones you have to slow down to 5 MPH. Well Joe hits them going about 40. I have no seatbelt. I have no way of not being thrown around. Well, that was not enough for Joe. He does a U-turn and drives over the speed bumps again. And yes, which means he has to turn around and come across them one more time. Well, I felt like Hell. You could have put me in a barrel and dropped me from a thirty story building and it would have probably felt about the same. Well, when we get to the room. I look in my pockets for My Dildo. Hell, Joe can't do much to me now so I should have some fun out of him. However, My Dildo is gone? Damn, I must have left it at the bowling alley. I say this out loud. Joe says, What? I tell him I can't find my dildo. I must have left it at the bowling alley. I tell him we have to go back to get it. Joe refuses. In fact Joe looks like he could lose it. He won't even let me call the bowling alley to ask them if they found a Dildo. Oh well, I just don't know about some people.








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