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Faster than a speeding...

Well, maybe that term is copyrighted. Well this one is a series of trips back and fourth from Johnson City to Campbell County. Some times me and Joe would ride together, or I would ride with Joe. Well let's just say we used to drive fast, and in Joe's case, (especially after reading the crow story) wasn't the safest driver. We used to make the trip in about 1 hour and 35 minutes. This trip takes normal people 2 1/2 hours, so we used to shave about an hour off the trip. One time we made it in a record 1 hour and 15 minutes. I don't think we stopped for red lights on that one. Well let me tell you about a few of the more memorable times. The first one is when I was sure Joe was going to get me killed. I was riding with him, and we were going up the valley through Claiborne County back to school, and well Joe is behind a slow moving vehicle and Joe Passes the car on a blind Curve. Yes, Joe was a little impatient is one way of putting it mildly. Well, on the other side of the road was coming a logging truck. Joe thank goodness has quick reflexes, and veered to the opposite shoulder until he passed the logging truck, then still managed to speed up and pass the original vehicle. This scared the Hell out of me, but didn't phase Joe in the least. Well, on another jaunt up the valley, we were passing through Speedwell, and it was Super bowl Sunday. At the bank in Speedwell, the speed limit dips down from 55 to 45. Well, I am riding with Joe and he flies through there doing 90 MPH. Well, their is a State Trooper that is hidden beside the bank, and we see blue lights. It is about 2 miles before were pulled over since Joe was going so fast, and the Trooper had to top out over a 100 to catch up. Well, the Trooper comes up to the car, and at this point I think were going to jail for doubling the speeding limit. He asks where we were headed. Joe calmly replies back to school to watch the super bowl. The trooper then asks what time the game starts. We have a little discussion about 7, but the pre-game show comes on at 6. The trooper then miraculously says, slow down. Then lets us go without even a warning. I kid you not not more than 5 more miles up the road, another state trooper has a lady pulled over in a mini-van who has 3 kids that looks like their dressed to go to church, and he is writing her a ticket. Have I mentioned Joe is extremely lucky.








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