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Tim Branham

Well, well Tim Branham, now he was different. He was from Campbell County to. He like me and Joe so much he moved his refrigerator into our room. He didn't care much for his roommate so he almost lived with me and Joe. I think we were much better entertainment for him. He was there for the 1,000 pounds on Joe, He used to help us tackle and hold down Joe. It takes a few people to hold Joe down he bites. He also was there the time I watched Dane's surprise. Heck he may have helped me pick it out? I used to make him carry my check book around and write checks for me. No, I'm not kidding. He was there for some of the destruction of the dorm. Tim also didn't go to class that much, that's why Tim was only at ETSU for less than 2 years. Being around Me and Joe was almost like a curse, People would just stop going to class. Probably because we would keep them up to all hours of the night. Ahh, Hopefully I will have more on Tim in the future. I may have killed some of the brain cells with him.








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