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Pat's Plates

Well, this is one to disgust and amaze you. Well, you can check out a few pic's of my room under Taylor Daze. Well, me and Joe had sort of a symbiotic relationship. He would cook and I would, well Joe thought I washed the dishes, I occasionally ran water over them and some times wiped the plates clean on my shorts. What, you actually think I might be kidding. Gosh you obviously haven't paid close attention while reading this page. Joe didn't know this or he would have been most upset since he's a neat freak....... Oh, most people like to be a little cleaner than me? Not just neat freaks? Go figure. Well anyway back to my story. On occasion running water over and wiping on my shorts seemed like a bit much work, so I would fish a paper plate out of the garbage bag, or from under my bed. What? There was usually no food left on it. Joe would get quite upset with me and scream, "I can't believe you are eating off of that! What are you thinking?" I would just shrug my shoulders and continue to eat. After all Joe was really into recycling he should have been supporting me. Go figure it's hard to figure out some people.








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