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The Crow

Gosh, now this one is really messed up. Yeah, I know they all pretty much are. This one happened one weekend when we were driving back in Al's Tank. His 76' Buick skylark. Al, wasn't feeling so well, so he asked Joe to drive. I was trying to catch up on the 10 hours of sleep I like to get a day, and was sleeping in the backseat. We were heading up Interstate 81, and I was in a pretty good slumber, and Al was passed out in the front seat. (Al may have been sick from contact with the Chili.) Well, we were probably an hour into our journey. All of a sudden the car starts shaking and going crazy. I wake up to see a maniacal grin on Joe's face as he's driving down the median going about 80 mph's. Noooooooooo not on the shoulder of the road, he's freaking driving down the grass median and birds are scattering everywhere. Joe's chasing the biggest Crow I have ever seen. It looked like the size of an Eagle. Al is freaking out at this point slapping Joe and saying pull over, pull over. The crow gets' away, and Joe pulls to the left side shoulder to let Al drive. I would have liked to have seen the look on a State Troopers face to see a Buick skylark barreling down the median. I'm pretty sure we would have went to Jail at that point. Joe looked pretty put off he didn't nail the bird. I'm pretty sure if he would have he would have had it stuffed. Or I would have fed it to the Chili..









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