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My, my how destructive do you suppose a couple of bored individuals could be? It's not that we meant to be destructive in college, but what do you get when you place several testosterone filled males, with to much time on their hands? Well, I can tell you a lot of damage. This Memoir is oh so very memorable. One day we were tired of throwing knifes at the window sill so thought what else can we do for fun. Football has always been a love of mine, so I brought up the idea of playing football in the hall. This seemed to be a great idea, so we went around trying to rummage up a football. Who would have thunk, no one had a football. After some consideration I thought Hey, I have a moldy loaf of bread under my bed, that should work fine. With they hall way being narrow and the ceiling not that high, it seemed like a good alternative. Well, we got about 8 or so guys so we split up into teams. After several series we were going toward the middle of the hallway. Well on one the very next down Me and Joe gang tackled someone into the water fountain........... well let's say through the water fountain. Who would have thought a water fountain could put out so much water. It was spewing like a geyser. Well, we did the responsible thing...... we went down the hall and hid out in our room. Our room was at the far end of the hall a good 30 feet or more from the fountain. The fountain was at the middle entrance to the third floor. Joe carefully considered and estimated no water would reach our room, it would flow down the stairwell. So with no worries to our stuff, we went and started playing video games and forgot all about the fountain. Well, Taylor is truly a four story building. Three stories and a basement. Down in the basement the Resident Director of the dorm Anthony Hogan was eating chips and watching TV. When he got up to go to the bathroom about an hour after the toppling of the fountain he was ankle deep in water. It had poured down the stairwell until it filled the downstairs with several inches of water. It took the custodial crew about a day to get out all the water. Well, it doesn't end there. About 2 months later me and Joe discovered the wonders of the rolley chair on the dorm floor. Steve McKenzie had one of the rolley chairs so we just had to play. We sat Al on the chair forcefully and started running him down the hallway. After almost dumping him off the balcony we started back to our room. Our steering not being immaculate accidentally careened into the water fountain again. Well, this looked familiar. So, we did the responsible thing and ran to our room. The good thing is the Resident director was gone for the weekend. They discovered the downstairs knee deep in water a couple of hours later. Needless to say they took away our water fountain and didn't replace it. And sadly yes, due to these 2 floods they estimated the damage to approach $1 Million dollars. This is why later we were forced to move and Taylor was torn down. Sigh........ Well don't worry there are more tales to tell.









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