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Joe Weebles and wobbles and sometimes falls down.

My how do we start this one. This is one of the more painful sections. Let's begin with a little more info about my college roommate Joe. Joe is a sadistic person who loved to torture bag boys at Old Woodson's. He is sort of careless and reckless like the time Al was coming back from class. Joe jumps at Al and they tumble down 3 flights of concrete stairs. Well during our time in College Joe endured more physical damage than seems humanly possible. One of our stories above 1,000 pounds on Joe is one, but Let me recounts some of the other times for you. One of the earliest accounts I can think of was when we started Karate. Well, me and Joe had tested and were at our second level. So we decided to start sparring. I could over hear one of the black belts saying, "Gosh they know just enough to hurt themselves." Well during our first couple of rounds Joe was coming at me with a back hand, and I decided to come up with a kick. Now a guy my size can deliver a kick with a lot of force. As Joe was coming down, I actually kicked him so hard I launched him back into the air. Well I hit him in the balls and literally knocked them up into him. Most guys would have laid on the ground and cried. Not Joe. He merely jumped up and down a few times to shake them back out, and came back sparring. The next incident involved sparring again. This time in the hallway of our dorm. Me and Joe were doing a few rounds and I came around and caught him with his guard down and delivered a punishing blow to the head. Keep in mind we were wearing gloves for our own protection. We didn't wear any head protection. Joe's head bounces with a large crack into the bricks in the hall. Joe is not even phased. The bricks were damaged but Joe seemed as if nothing had happened. The next incident I was on the phone and Joe was in the floor playing video games. Joe hates being near my feet so I figure it's my obligation to touch him with my feet whenever possible. I was putting my feet to where they were almost touching Joe. So Joe slaps me in the nuts. I like any normal person falls to the ground. I however don't exactly fall to the ground. Joe's face intercepts the better part of my weight. I come straight down on Joe smashing his head to the floor. Well instead of knocking him out, he squirms out from under me screaming, "Ahhhh get away from me with your feet." The next and last incident for the moment involved Mack Rains, or those who know him painfully well Grot. Mack loved to pick Joe up and throw and wrestle Joe. No, Joe did not love this in return. One day Grot had picked Joe up and just started spinning him. Well Joe who is known to bite, and do other vicious things decides to surprised Mack and give him a kidney shot. Keep in Mind Joe is slung head first over Mack's shoulder. When Joe does that Mack unintentionally slams straight back from the shock of the blow. This in effect like a pile driver drives Joe's head square into the tiled floor as Mack's legs become pinned under him. Joe without a second thought springs up like nothing happened while the tile where his head slammed into was cracked beyond repair. I was standing there witnessing thinking, "hmmm if Joe die's I should get a 4.0." I truly don't know how Joe survived college much less stayed intact.








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