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Circle What

Well, well, this one is about Karl Drake, how shall I go about describing good old Karl. Well, a living Vampire would be a good start. No, no he didn't suck blood, (as far as I know) He had really pale skin, and dark hair. Not to mention he may have been a bit more strange than me. He was sort of a fringe friend of mine. He played Tennis with Dave and went to the same high school. Well, he decided to go to ETSU as well. He hung out in our room some, and started gaming with us. Yes, the same role playing game that inspired Dave to write Dragon Tails. If you don't know who Dave is check out Dave's page under Friends on the menu. Well, Karl had a bit of an unusual interest in the game, almost unhealthy, in the way he took it so seriously. After a few times he was starting to grate on everyone's nerves. The final breaking point was when we were sitting around playing, and we were joking about something and Karl say's, "Hey, we can all do a circle jerk, and I'll be the pivot man." The room froze as everyone looked at Karl with a look of disgust and confusion. We didn't exactly know what a circle  jerk was, (even though we could probably guess), and we sure had never heard of the term Pivot Man. I thought Joe might maim Karl at that point. Joe had the look of disgust that only I can usually bring out in him. After that time Karl was no longer invited to hang out or game with us. Actually I heard it mentioned someone saw Karl still at ETSU working at the Firehouse.







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