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Well, now this was an interesting one. This actually happened in the summer time. It all started at Woodson's Supermarket. Joe worked their during the summer and some weekends. Well, a lot of odd things happened their involving Joe, Mostly Joe abusing the bag boys ahhh now that's a story for another time. Well, Joe one day was at Woodson's and was approached by 2 girls. One lived around here and was a cutie, and her older cousin was visiting her from Ohio. Well, they started flirting with Joe, and asked for his phone number. Well, I guess Joe had too many women on his agenda for that week, so when they asked for his name and number he told them his name was Patrick, and proceeded to give them MY phone number. Well, Joe neglected to inform me, heck he probably thought he was doing me a favor. One day during the week I get this call from some one with a distorted Ohio accent. She started going on how she met me at work. I'm thinking who in the world, at this time I hadn't started working for the Park yet. I said, "Ok, I don't even work. I then found out she was talking about Woodson's. My first thoughts were JOE. She seemed to be mentally unbalanced even to me so I hung up on her. Well, the very next day Derrick, Weaver, and Wong (Anthony) are over visiting. She calls back, and I tell her I'm with my friends. She tells me she is at her place in lingerie. This almost piqued my curiosity, but then I thought she was probably hideous. So, I let Wong handle this. He calls her about every name imaginable and hangs up. I'm pretty sure Weaver probably went to see her a little bit later. Well, She didn't call me back, but I heard she made a few more appearances at Woodson's. She caught one guy in the middle of the store, and was almost yelling out she liked it Doggie Style. Come to find out she wasn't that bad looking just very mentally unstable. Sigh, You win some and lose some.







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