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Tai Chi Chuan

How shall we go about this. Well, for a PE Al, Joe, and myself decided to take Tai Chi Chuan. Since we were taking Karate, we thought that would be fun. Well, little did we know our instructor literally was off the boat from China. He had been in the united states for about 2 weeks when class started. Well, the first day started off interestingly with our Master Howe Zhe trying to pronounce our names. Well, he got to Allen S. Millllleeeer, and he turned the roll over to a student to take the roll. Tai Chi Chuan was quite fun. We learned press hands and many other moves. Then one day in class one of the girls wanted to know how it could help her if she was attacked. Well, Master Howe while talking to the girl pointed to Me and said me show on someone bigger, and said Him there he fat......... Then I gave him a look of I'm going to kill you, and in Master Howe's mind he realized that fat isn't a very complimentary thing to say in English. He then said I mean big boy. Then he got me and lead me around the room with some bizarre maneuvers. Well, I was really enjoying the class, and wanted to make a good impression on Master Howe, so I decided I would find a dog, and bring it back to my dorm room for Joe to cook it for Master Howe. We all know the Chinese love cooked dog.... Ok maybe I can't back that up. I did look for a while for a lost dog. Then I ran my idea by Joe and he was very disturbed. Joe would not agree to cooking a dog. Well, later into the semester Master Howe had discovered the wonders of alcohol. We saw him walking home one night with a beer in hand. Then a few times before class would begin, Master Howe would walk in with his hair a mess, and go sit in a corner with his hands over his face recovering from a hang over. Yet another case of America showing good will to foreigners with alcohol







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