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1,000 Pounds on Joe

Ahh 1,000 pounds on Joe. Yes, sounds strange, but was quite fun....... well for everyone but Joe. One day Joe was just laying on the floor watching TV, and me, Mack, Al, Dave, and a few others were sitting around. Then when for who knows what reason someone yell's Pile on Joe. So we all pile on. Joe is squirmy, but with this much weight he couldn't get out, and Joe was perfect for this since he bends well, but has never broke. Well, we all get off, but a few days later we did it again. Of course we had to be quick. Joe just didn't lie there for us to pile on. And the first person on top had to contend with Joe's biting, and twisting various body parts. Well, we had a new hobby, and we started calling it 1,000 pounds on Joe. Well, there was at times a bit more than a 1,000 pounds but 1,300, or 1,200 didn't sound as catchy. There was one day when we got over 1,600 pounds piled on Joe. He was getting wary, so he was up right close to my bed. Yes, he thought my bed would scare off people. Well, Mack dives across the room, and pins Joe halfway on and half way off my bed. This puts a Wooden beam from the bed lodged in Joe's back. So noticing Joe was in great discomfort with just Mack on there we all pile on. We had people from down the hall come join in the fun, and Al launched himself from the other side of the room through the air on top of the pile. At this point Joe's back was close to breaking on the wood beam, and Mack who was next was in a deal of pain as well. Someone at one point tried to pile the fridge on top. The R.A. Mike Rogers (no not Mike Howard) suggested we put Joe outside the dorm and he could get his fraternity brothers and see how high they could stack them. Of course Joe didn't go for this great idea. Well, that's all for now. Next ........ well, I'm not sure what is next, so many stories so little time.







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