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Battle Toads

First we must talk of video games in general. Well, being normal..... well abnormal people we were, video games took up  a lot  of our time. Dave had a Sega Genesis, and we had a Nintendo. We interchanged frequently. Sometimes both stayed in our room since we didn't care to stay up all night, and sleep in the morning.....usually through our classes. Well now let's get to Battle Toads. Ahhh  BattleToads. Battle Toads was an arcade style game with one or two player mode's. This had to be one of the hardest Video Games in existence. Our RA Mike Roger's loaned it to us at the beginning of the fall semester. Battle Toads was a game where the hero's were large Toads, that would punch, and kick the enemy, and as a last punch their hand would swell up to enormous size and knock the enemy off the screen. It had very good graphics for it's time as well. Well, Al, Dave, and I tried our hardest but couldn't make it past the second level. The game had like Ten levels. Well, Joe miraculously made it past the second, third, fourth ,fifth, and made it to the sixth level. No he didn't do it in one day. It took many, many weeks, and  a lot of missed classes. Joe probably missed at least 75classes that semester because of Battle Toads. Joe would sometimes play it 6hours straight. He was absolutely obsessed. No, no he didn't give up food. He was getting really good at the game, and one time on an Ice Level he found a nice club. Well next time through the Ice Level he couldn't find it. He tried it at least 5 more times and could not find the ice club again, so he called the Nintendo Tip line. Well the person their said there was no ice club in the game. We all had witnessed it, they said it must have been a glitch. Joe did everything short of rewiring the game to find it again to no avail. Well, After many long nights of Battle Toads it was time for Christmas break. We all went home, and when we returned, the RA had came and taken Battle Toads away. He was afraid to ask us for it. He said it was his cousins game and had to take it back to him. We were thinking about killing him, but decided to slowly torture him instead by just being us.







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