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White's Grocery Store

Oh, my how I fondly remember White's. White's was a local grocery store, not a national chain, but they had several stores in the Tri-Cities. The White's Joe and me went to was the one beside campus. We would go to get groceries for the week. When we came into the store people usually got out of our way. It might have been me screaming, "OOOOHHHH  MEAT!". Or Joe surfing the buggy full speed down an aisle. Me and Joe probably kept White's in business with all the food we bought. That's also where we bought Shark, and Joe cooked it and me an Al ate it. Yes, Shark, it's actually quite good. Ahhh, and how I fondly remembering scarring all the hot little cashiers as we were being rang up, and asking Joe if we needed any dog food to feed our cock roaches. I think some employee's particularly would get disturbed when we would run down and aisle throwing random things into the buggy, or when we tried to put Al in the child seat of the buggy. Alas we have  a lot of good memories of White's. They kept us fed well, and the cool video store next door that had the transvestite porn... Well that's a story for another time.







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