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Body Shaving For Fun??? & Profit.

Hmmmmm, how shall we proceed with this one. It's not exactly how it sounds, it's probably actually even more disturbing. This all started out one day when Dave, Al, and me were sitting around the room and got bored. Yes, boredom is a dangerous thing with us. Joe was off doing Joe things, and we were watching one of the 15 channels we got at ETSU. I of course was sitting around without my shirt being all manly, and Dave remarked about my abundance of body hair. Ok, Ok, me having more body hair than big foot. Well, after a short discussion about that, Al remarked how cool it would look with a Superman S in my chest. Well next thing you know Al breaks out a razor and Dave is shaving the Super man S in my chest complete with the outline. I'm surprised with Al being an art major they didn't paint it red to boot. The results were actually impressive. For those comic Illiterate here is the Superman S.

The contrast between the unshaved hair and skin, you could perfectly see the Superman S. Well, that wasn't good enough for them, they had to try different designs. They ended up doing several including the Batman symbol. Well after the hair grew back. I had the idea to have the name of a certain hottie shaved into my chest as a sign of..... well I wouldn't say love. Lust is a much better word. I had Dave shave the name, then a day later we were back in LaFollette, and while in a crowded parking lot, I showed the young hottie her name shaved into my chest...... Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. What girl wouldn't want a guy to show the same kind of devotion. Well, needless to say she was speechless, and a little horrified. Oh well, I guess you would say I'm romantic....... ok maybe deviant is a better word than romantic.







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