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WWW or Wonderful World of Wiccans.

Ah, yes the Wiccans. What can we say. Now were entering into a scary side of ETSU. Well, my first year at ETSU I learned a lot. Like there was a group of Wiccans that worshipped a tree right outside my dorm. Yeah, do the math not a good combination. They were within pissing distance.......... literally. Well, before I finish with this I have to give you some back ground about ETSU. I met a guy there that studied some of the occult. He had uncovered maps from the 17th century that showed the exact spot where ETSU was located was supposed to be a gate of Hell. I kid you not. Well, needless to say we can do a section on ghost stories alone..... Hmmmm I think we might just do that. Well anyways. The same guy found references that the spot where ETSU is built supposedly has different dimensional doors at various locations. Some are in the air, and some on the ground. So, ETSU is a convention sight for all sorts. Well anyways back to the Wiccans. Well, one night there having there ceremony, and being the kind guy I am I said Hi out the Window........ Well, maybe it wasn't exactly Hi, I can't use all of those words on here. But imagine about 5 guys, (some with swords) ((One, Brooke, was a male cheerleader, Yeah, it's getting a little weird)) yelling at a bunch of women and a few guys worshipping a tree at night with candles. Needless to say there was some scene and campus security was called. God, I wasn't even drunk. Oh, well, they attempted months later to have the same "event". God, what condiments from 3 stories up can do to robes. Well I must go back to pondering the Ghost stories. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Until next time.








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