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Oh God what have they done this time??!!!

Ahhh good old Mike Rogers our Resident Assistant. What memories I have of him. No, no, no, not Mike Howard. This is another Mike. We sort of liked Mike Rogers. Mike Rogers well, feared me and Joe. Of this we have no doubt. He wouldn't give us room checks like the other rooms, he would just slide a sheet of paper under our door with out coming in to check. This was probably best for his sanity, as well as his life. He was actually scared to even ask for his on property back. He would wait till me and Joe were gone to come into our room to get it back.

Well back to the real story, This story sort of spans from my first semester to my second. Follow along, and I will explain. It was spring time, and getting quite warm. Well along with the warm weather came a STENCH from Hell. The smell was on the same level as the Corn. This smell went on for about a week, and people really started to complain..... Well not me, I kinda dug it. What? It was unusual, and you have to dig that. Any way the smell seemed to be coming from the second floor bathroom. They had about 15 different plumbers in the building trying to figure something out. They thought the toilets were backing up something awful. This went on and on, and they could not figure out what was going on. Well one day, I'm sitting in my room by myself being me....(Believe me you don't want to know) and I hear a knock on the door. At the door was Mike Rogers, and Allen Miller. I greet them with the customary grunt of hello, and scratch my crouch. Mike Rogers says, "Patrick your the most disgusting person I know will you check the fuse box for me." Well I was flattered, and confused as hell. I said, "What do you mean check the fuse box?" Mike said, "I think I found out where the smell is coming from." I followed Mike and Al to the stairwell where we had knocked out the window, and Joe had dropped the corn. At the top of the stairwell was an old fuse box that went far back into the wall. Mike pointed at the fuse box, and said, "It's coming from in there. I stuck my hand in it as Joe was coming up the hall, and pulled out this Zip locked bag of??? blue furry??? Well it was labeled chicken. It looked like ooze and blue furry fuzz. Joe asked, "What is that." I informed Joe it looks like that chicken you asked me to throw away about 5 months ago. Joe got a little bent out of shape (He must be a type A personality, what could I possibly do to upset a person?) He said, "I thought I told you to throw that away, not put it in the FUSE BOX!?" I told him it was cold outside that day." Joe replied, "You could have used the window, you could have tossed it from the door even the hole is so big." Any way, Mike Rogers looked absolutely Horrified, and quietly slipped away as we threw the chicken out the window to land on top of entry way. Mike didn't come out of his room for two days after that. We had a theory that he had locked himself in his room, and was saying over and over, "Why me God, why Me?" Ahhh the memories, Oh God I don't know if I can even tell this next story on here.... Well well see.








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